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Groton Republican Town Committee Unveils Exceptional Slate of Candidates for November 7, 2023 Election

Groton, July 21, 2023 - The Groton Republican Town Committee is excited to present its highly anticipated slate of outstanding candidates for the upcoming November 7, 2023 election. Comprised of dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds, this exceptional team is committed to representing the best interests of Groton and fostering positive growth within our community.

The 2023 GRTC election slate includes candidates for various essential positions:

The GRTC takes pride in introducing a strong lineup of Town Council candidates who bring extensive experience and fresh perspectives. They are Diane Barber, Kathy Chase, Kristen Venditti, Mitchel Shinbrot, Harry Watson, and Robert Boris.

Each candidate brings unique insights and ideas to the table, promising to prioritize transparency, fiscal responsibility, and initiatives that contribute to the overall prosperity of Groton.

Education remains a top priority for the Groton RTC, and the Board of Education candidates exemplify the party's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional learning opportunities for Groton's youth. The candidates are John Scott, Jennifer White, and Dan Hetzel.

These candidates are dedicated to advocating for academic excellence, supporting educators, and ensuring that our schools foster an environment that nurtures the growth and success of every student.

The Groton RTC is thrilled to present a group of enthusiastic individuals vying for seats in the Representative Town Meeting. The candidates are as follows. For District 1, Karin Adams, Beth Ann Robinson, and Joseph Alu. For District 2, Harry Watson, and Matthew Longino. For District 3, Neal Gardner, and Marie Carmella Robertson. For District 4, Robert Bailey, and Dan Hetzel. For District 5 Susan Deane-Shinbrot and Rosanne Kotowski. For District 6, Emma Gibbs, Alexander Antipas, Thomas Frickman, and Gulshan Soni. For District 7, Lynn Crockett Hubbard.

These RTM candidates are eager to actively participate in local decision-making, representing the voices of their fellow citizens, and contributing to the effective governance of Groton.

The Groton RTC's slate of candidates showcases a compelling blend of seasoned leaders and emerging leaders, united by their passion for Groton's prosperity. With a focus on community-driven solutions, responsible governance, and collaborative efforts, these candidates aim to build a stronger, more vibrant future for our town.

The Groton RTC invites all residents of Groton to engage actively in the democratic process by casting their votes on November 7, 2023. By supporting these dedicated candidates, we can collectively shape the direction of our town and realize its full potential.

To learn more about the Groton Republican Town Committee and our candidates, visit or follow the Groton Republican Town Committee on Facebook


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